Our History

Our founding partner formed Frost in 1974 with the objectives of providing personalized, high-quality financial services, reputable, reliable advice and staff that our clients can count on throughout the years. Frost’s founder was not only a CPA, but also a pilot who was willing to go anywhere to provide our services to new clients. His initial efforts laid the foundation for our national client base and our firm mentality that we are not limited geographically when it comes to adding new and serving our existing clients. We believe we are unique in this respect for a firm our size.

Currently, Frost employs a staff of approximately one hundred fifty (150) individuals, including a professional staff of approximately one hundred (100), eighteen (18) of whom are members. Our main office is Little Rock, Arkansas. Since our founding, we’ve grown outside of our base in Little Rock:

1974 - Frost, PLLC Founded in Little Rock, AR

2003 - Expanded to Include an Office in Fayetteville, AR

2007 - Acquired a Firm in Raleigh, NC

2014 - Merged with a Firm in Phoenix, AZ

2017 - Expanded to Include an Office in Naples, FL

2017 - Merged with a Firm in Yuma, AZ

The growth of our firm reflects our success at meeting and exceeding our objectives, as well as our national and international client base, some of which originated with our founder in 1974 and remain clients and friends over forty (40) years later.