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Consolidated Information Services

If you had the opportunity to better understand your business and your industry, you would take advantage of it. And we can deliver that opportunity – in the form of competitive financial data presented in an actionable way that gives you an edge over companies that are only receiving basic financial review information.
Consolidated Information Services provides financial performance benchmarking to allow you to see how your company’s financial data compares with the performance of other companies with similar products or within the same industry. This service is invaluable if you want to succeed and reach the top of your peer group.
After comparing various financial statistics from many public companies and a large group of private companies and then averaging them in each category, we develop a report for each participating company that details that individual company’s data as well as the comparison data for the entire group. You can utilize the report to identify the areas you’re doing well so you can leverage those strengths while determining what areas you need to improve on so you can address those weaknesses.