Audit & Assurance

Audits don’t have to be painful. In fact, our auditors deliver beneficial results while lowering your level of stress by developing a keen understanding of your business. Our risk-based approach allows our auditors to focus on specific areas that require emphasis, decreasing the workload of your staff during the audit. Our ability to evaluate internal controls, combined with experience and knowledge of best practices in auditing, enable us to help you keep your company on the best path for growth. This is especially true within our areas of industry specialization.

Your business should be judged by the products or services you provide – not by mistakes made on your financial statement. Accuracy is crucial for compliance as well as meeting your investors’ expectations.

Always keeping a watchful eye on accounting and regulatory changes, our experienced auditors provide feedback on ways to strengthen your controls and processing systems – especially around your most complex transactions. And in a time of increased scrutiny, an independent review of the information you report provides more than a system of checks and balances. While delivering an important piece of your overall reputation management, we also provide peace of mind in the accuracy of your financial statements.

Does your bank or investor group require a financial statement that doesn’t involve the rigorous procedures involved in an audit? Often times, banks and investors accept a reviewed financial statement to satisfy their needs. The scope of a reviewed financial statement is less than an audit and a review provides limited assurance of the accuracy and completeness of the financial statements. Our professionals are current in the accounting rules and regulations to be able to provide to you a timely reviewed financial statement that has been prepared above the required standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


This specialized area of practice is complex and ever changing, due to governmental rules and regulations. We provide auditing and accounting services for defined contribution, defined benefit, ESOPs, health and welfare plans, plans with master trust agreements and plans with SEC filing requirements. We offer expert analysis and recommendations based on your business’s exact situation and needs, and can offer advice and solutions designed to meet your objectives.

Ever had to educate an auditor about your employee benefit plan? It happens a lot when auditors aren’t trained specifically to handle benefit plans.

Frost devotes resources exclusively to employee benefit plan audits so you don’t have to. In fact, our goal is to help educate you about how to improve your benefit plans – not the other way around. Our specialized experience in conducting audits of plans of all types and sizes – from 100 to 40,000 participants – allows us to focus on the critical areas and recommend internal control and general accounting procedures to provide the most beneficial and cost-effective audit possible.


FACTA (Farm Animal Care Training and Auditing) and Frost, PLLC, a leading national accounting firm in animal agriculture and food processing, have united to offer farm animal welfare auditing and assurance services to animal producers and food processors. Our goal is to help clients reduce their risk of animal welfare issues through the use of sophisticated risk aversion programs assuring clients and consumers that the best possible animal care practices are in use and independently verified.

FACTA is led by experts in animal handling and welfare and has been conducting independent, professional, science-based animal care training and auditing services for well over a decade and our audit reviews are PAACO certified.

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